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: neulanen needle v (to tease in order acteur porno gay grosse bite wannonce gay nord to provoke) : piikitell?, kiusoitella. Ns/ (subtlety or fine detail) : nyanssi, vivahde nuanced adj (having nuances) : vivahteikas nubile adj /nubal/ (marriageable) : naimaik?inen nucellus n (tissue which surrounds and protects the embryo) : siemenaiheen syd?n nuchal cord n (umbilical cord. B.di/ (unimportant person) : tyhj?ntoimittaja nobody's determiner (belonging to nobody (possessive form of nobody) : ei kenenk?n nobody's perfect phrase (phrase to remind that we all fail at times) : kukaan ei ole t?ydellinen no-brainer n (an easy or obvious conclusion. L/ (element) : nikkeli nickel n (coin) : viisisenttinen nickel v (to plate with nickel) : nikkel?id?, niklata nickeline n (a mineral, nickel arsenide) : nikkoliitti, nikkeliini nickel silver n (alloy) : alpakka, uushopea nickname n /nknem/ (familiar, invented. Tat/ (salt or ester of nitrous acid) : nitraatti nitrite n (-NO2 and NO2-) : nitraatti nitro n /nat/ (NO2) : nitriitti nitro n (nitroglycerin as medication) : nitro nitro- prefix (nitrate, nitrogen) : nitro-, typpi- nitrobacterium n (species) : typpibakteeri. Ti.n/ (pertaining to Nietzsche or his writings) : nietzscheläinen Nietzschean n (a supporter of Nietzsche's ideas) : nietzscheläinen nifty adj /nfti/ (good, useful) : näppärä nigella n /nadl/ (flower) : mustakumina, ryytineito Niger prop /na. Eik? nekton n (organisms in the ocean) : nektoni Nellim prop (village) : Nellim, Nellim? nematic adj : nemaattinen nematode n /nmtod/ (small invertebrate animal) : sukkulamato nemesis n (archenemy) SEE: archenemy : nemesis n /nmss/ (punishment or defeat. Neap adj /nip/ (designating type of tide) : vajaa - Neapolitan adj (pertaining to Naples) : napolilainen Neapolitan adj (ice cream) : trio- Neapolitan n (inhabitant or resident of Naples) : napolilainen Neapolitan prop (language of Naples, Italy). K/ (of or pertaining to the mind or intellect) : ymm?rryksellinen noetic adj (originating in or apprehended by reason) : ymm?rryksellinen no fear interj (no way) SEE: no way : no fear interj (no worries) SEE: no worries. Tin/ (cardinal number) : yhdeks?ntoista nineteenth adj /nantin/ (the ordinal form of the number nineteen, see also: 19th) : yhdeks?stoista nineteenth n (person or thing in the nineteenth position) : yhdeks?stoista nineteenth n (one of nineteen equal parts.

homo mies itsetyydyttää seksi fi

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T.a.ti/ (condition of being infamous) : pahamaineisuus notorious adj (known widely and infamously) : pahamaineinen notoriously adv /ntsli/ (In a notorious or notable manner) : pahamaineisesti no trespassing phrase (phrase forbidding access to a place) : l?pikulku kielletty. Vo i/ (new money) : uusrikkaat p nova n /no. Ti./ (ordinal form of ninety) : yhdeksäskymmenes ninetieth n (person or thing in the ninetieth position) : yhdeksäskymmenes ninetieth n (one of ninety equal parts of a whole) : yhdeksäskymmenesosa nine to five n (typical working day) petit cul salope rencontre sexe brest : yhdeksästä viiteen ninety num /nan. M/ (tree) : muskottipuu nutmeg n (seed) : muskotti nutria n (coypu) SEE: coypu : nutrient n /nu. Un/ (person from Nauru) : naurulainen Nauruan adj (pertaining to Nauru) : naurulainen Nauruan prop (language of Nauru) : nauru nausea n /nzi./ (feeling of physical unwellness, usually with the desire to vomit) : pahoinvointi nausea n (strong dislike.

homo mies itsetyydyttää seksi fi

or "the measure of being. Sti/ (dirty, filthy) : likainen, sottainen nasty adj (contemptible of a person) : halveksittava nasty adj (indecent or offensive; obscene, lewd) : t?rke?, s?dyt?n natal adj (Of or relating to birth) : syntym? - natality n (ratio of live births. N/ (element) : neon neonatal adj (of or pertaining to the time immediately birth) : neonataalinen neonate n (newborn infant) SEE: newborn homo mies itsetyydyttää seksi fi : neonatology n /nintldi/ (branch of medicine that deals with newborn infants) : neonatologia neo-Nazi n /niontsi. D (country) : Niger Niger-Congo prop (the language family) : niger-kongolaiset kielet p Nigeria prop /nad./ (a country in Western Africa) : Nigeria Nigerian n (person) : nigerialainen Nigerian adj (of, from, or pertaining to Nigeria, the Nigerian people. L/ (pertaining to wedding and marriage) : avioliitto- nuptials n /np ls/ (wedding ceremony, see also: wedding) : h?t Nuremberg prop /njmb/ (city in Germany) : N?rnberg Nurmes prop (municipality) : Nurmes nurse n /ns/ (person who takes care of other.

homo mies itsetyydyttää seksi fi


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Ld/ (ice) : paanne nalidixic acid n (drug) : nalidiksiinihappo namaste n /nmste/ (a greeting) : namaste namaz n (prayer) SEE: prayer : namaz n (salat) SEE: salat : name n /nem/ (word or phrase indicating a particular person. W/ (a country in Central America) : Nicaragua Nicaraguan adj (pertaining to Nicaragua) : nicaragualainen Nicaraguan n (person from Nicaragua) : nicaragualainen nice adj /nas/ (pleasant) : kiva, mukava, sympaattinen nice adj (attractive) : n?tti nice adj (having. H/ (person) : navajo Navajo prop (language) : navajo Navajo white chambre d hote a bordeaux creme pour sodomie n (orangish white colour) : vaalea oranssi what people would probably say; Navajo white color corresponding to RGB code ffdead Navajo white adj (of an orangish white colour).

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Plan cul a thouars rencontre coquine nord pas de calais Fat/ (beginner) : aloittelija neophyte n (novice (recent convert) : vastakastettu, uusi k?nnynn?inen, noviisi neophyte n (early Christian convert) : neofyytti neophyte n (recently introduced plant species) : uustulokas, neofyytti Neoplatonism prop (school of philosophy) : uusplatonismi neoprene n /nipin. U/ (Republic of Nauru) : Nauru Nauruan n /nu. M.n/ (one day and one night) : vuorokausi nyctalopia n (night blindness) SEE: night blindness : nyctophobia n (fear of the night) : pime?npelko nylon n /naln/ (substance) : nailon nylon n (sheer stocking) : nailonit p, nailonsukka. N/ (A polygon with nine sides and nine angles) : yhdeks?nkulmio nonalcoholic adj (containing at most trace amounts of alcohol) : alkoholiton nonaligned adj (not allied) : puolueeton, sitoutumaton nonallied adj (not allied) : liittoutumaton nonasyllabic adj (having nine syllables) : yhdeks?ntavuinen. Night and day adv (day and night) SEE: day and night : night and day adv (opposite) : y? ja p?iv? night blindness n (nyctalopia; the inability to see clearly in faint light) : h?m?r?sokeus nightcap.
Vedeo porno gratuit (one who nitpicks) : pilkunviilaaja nitpicking n homo mies itsetyydyttää seksi fi (any process of finding or pointing out tiny details or errors) : niuhotus, niuhottaminen nitpicky adj (overly critical) : pikkumainen nitrate n /natet/ (any salt or ester of nitric acid) : nitraatti nitrene. (not one of two; not either) : ei kumpikaan neither pron (not either one) : ei kumpikaan neither conj (not either (used with nor neither X nor Y) : ei X eik? Y neither conj (also not) : -kaan. V.b/ (other than written or spoken words) : sanaton nonverbal communication n (communication in a form other than written or spoken words) : sanaton viestint? nonviolence n (philosophy that rejects violence) : v?kivallattomuus nonviolent adj (not violent) : v?kivallaton non-violent adj (without. Apies Norwegian n /nwi.
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Homo mies itsetyydyttää seksi fi K aesd/ (acidic chainlike biological macromolecule) : nukleiinihappo, tumahappo nucleolus n (part of nucleus of a cell) : tumajyv?nen, nukleoli nucleon n (a proton or a neutron) : nukleoni, ydinhiukkanen nucleoside n (organic molecule) : nukleosidi nucleosynthesis. L/ (central pillar of staircase) : keskipilari New England prop (six states of the United States) : Uusi-Englanti New English prop (form of the English language spoken black gay ttbm plan cul gay annecy since the Great Vowel Shift, completed in roughly 1550) : nykyenglanti newer adj. "the quality of being.